Take a selfie with a Vivo V7/V7+ wi th the watermark feature. Register and upload your entry!


Let us know your Christmas wish for your fellow Filipinos in the space provided.


Hit the share button to share your entry on your Facebook page. (make sure it’s public!) Get your friends to vote for you.

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What’s your wish for your fellow Filipinos this Christmas?
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  1. Take a selfie using a Vivo V7/V7+ smartphone and use the Watermark Feature.
  2. Upload your selfie via the official promo website at Fill in the other required details (refer to Steps 3 and 4) and upload your entry.
  3. Register in the website by filling in the participant’s Name, Birthdate, Contact, Number, Email Address, and Location (City) on the fields provided.
  4. On the “Christmas Message” field, write a short message containing your wish for your fellow Filipinos this Christmas Season.
  5. Participants must also share their selfie in their Facebook accounts with the share button provided in the website. Posts must be made public in their Facebook pages.
  6. For non-Vivo V7/V7+ users, entrant must go to any Vivo concept store or multi-brand stores and approach a store personnel to guide them. A demo unit will be provided to facilitate the taking of the selfie. Upload of the selfie and access of their Facebook account will also be done with the demo unit. Access to their Facebook accounts will be logged out in front of customer right after uploading to make sure there is no breach in privacy.
  7. An entry is only eligible to win in the contest week it was uploaded in.
  8. For more chances of winning, a customer may submit an entry every week provided that the selfie image and Christmas Message are unique from his/her previous entries.
  9. Nine winners will picked daily through electronic raffle (via and will receive exclusive Vivo merchandise.
  10. Three entries with the highest number of votes in the website will win special prizes.
  11. A voter can only cast his/her vote for a particular entry only once per entry through the website.
  12. Uploading and voting is open until 5:00 PM of every Friday, voting automatically closes beyond the given time. Any entry uploaded after 5:00 PM Friday, will be considered for the next week’s pool of entries.
  13. Winners will be announced at exactly 6:00 PM of every Saturday of the contest week.
  14. The prizes will vary according to which week it falls under. Corresponding prizes and deadlines are as follows:
    Contest Week Uploading and Voting Period Announcement of Winner
    1 Dec. 16 12:01 AM - Dec. 22 12:01 AM Dec. 23 | 6:00 PM
    2 Dec. 22 12:01 AM - Dec. 29 12:01 AM Dec. 30 | 6:00 PM
    3 Dec. 30 12:01 AM - Jan. 05 12:01 AM Jan. 06 | 6:00 PM
  15. List of special prizes and Vivo merchandise to be given away are as follows:
    1st Special Prize 2nd Special Prize 3rd Special Prize 1 winner everyday 1 winner everyday 7 winner everyday
    Week 1 Curry Ball V7+ V7 7 Vivo Bag 7 Vivo Basket 49 Vivo Fan
    Week 2 Curry Jersey V7+ V7 7 Vivo Bag 7 Vivo Basket 49 Vivo Fan
    Week 3 Curry Shoes V7+ V7 7 Vivo Bag 7 Vivo Basket 49 Vivo Fan
  16. All prize taxes shall be shouldered by Philippine Vivo Mobile Tech, Inc.
  17. Prizes can only be claimed at the following Vivo Office locations:
    33F East Tower The Philippine Stock Exchange Center Exchange Road, Ortigas Ave., Mandaluyong City

    Present at least one (1) valid ID and the registered notice for verification upon claiming. The winners must present a valid ID which contains the same information as his/her registered details. The winners can claim their prizes until 60 days after they receive their registered mail, otherwise will be forfeited with prior approval of DTI.


  1. All employees, suppliers, agencies, sponsors, dealer outlets of Vivo, including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining promo.
  2. Only Selfies that were taken using a Vivo V7|V7+ smartphone will be qualified to enter.
  3. Philippine Vivo Mobile Tech, Inc. reserves the right, at its own discretion or after notification, to immediately remove images that violate laws, morals, and ethics or infringe on the rights of others. Participants may only upload a contribution with which he/she owns the rights for publication. If it is discovered that the participant is not the owner of an uploaded image, he/she will be disqualified from the contest.
  4. For prize claims that require special representation to receive, a signed authorization letter with two (2) valid IDs of the receiving party should be present.

Brief Description of the Database System

All entries uploaded in the front-end of the website are loaded into a system database in the backend.Each entry is assigned a number for tagging purposes. Winners are selected through an online random number generator and the drawn numbers corresponding to the entries are declared as winner.

Raffle Procedure via Randomizer

Randomizer is a website that can generate unique numbers which is assigned to a specific entry in the backend of the microsite. On the draw date, the sponsor just keys in the first number of the entry to the last number of entry into Randomizer and click on Randomize. It will generate unique numbers per draw. It will generate unique numbers per draw from 1 to the last number of entry.